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Trademarks for Brewers

Presented by April Besl

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Course Description

Length: 60min    Published: 11/2/2018    
There has been an explosion of growth in the craft beer industry in recent years, both domestically and internationally. Brands and artwork are the key to competition in what is becoming a saturated market. As such, trademark issues and trade disputes have become a key component of representing a craft brewery or alcoholic beverage company. In this program, attorney April Besl will cover the issues alcohol beverage attorneys need to understand when advising their clients on trademark filings and disputes.
Learning Objectives
* Learn how to file a trademark applications for brewer clients
* Understand the key trademark issues that can prevent an application from being approved
* Explore the issues causing the rise in trade disputes in this growing industry
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Presented By:

April Besl

Cincinnati, OH

(513) 977-8527

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"One of the best courses, in terms of the presenter speaking in a clear, interesting, compelling way. Covered all the basics in an organized manner, as well."

   Evan M

"Good visuals; thorough knowledge, good pace"

   John B