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Course Reviews: Prevention of Substance Abuse for Attorneys

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.39 out of 5 Stars Based on 7,336 Ratings
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I really enjoyed this. Very informative and delivered beautifully.
- philip b
An uplifting, wonderful program. I am in my 40th year of practice and have battled demons due to the demands and stress. Mr. Harvey put it out of the ballpark! God bless him!
Such a compassionate man. I really enjoyed this lecture.
- Linda F
The "misery machine of the mind" is a seriously useful approach to pushing yourself out of anger and depression about things that are horrible legal happenings that suborn all the things you do at law to get a positive result.
- Harriette L
Mr. Hyman really has an in-depth knowledge of this world. Good caring presentation.
- Chris H
A very different approach to this problem and I believe this approach could work on many where everything else failed
Fantastic CLE - provides real world insight into the underlying issues many lawyers attempt to cope with by drinking/using - also provides concrete examples of helpful techniques to deal with the stresses of everyday life and lawyering.
- Mark D
Surprisingly good coverage of a common problem that's hard to get a handle on.
- Shirley S
Again - the only tech issue is the inability to "full screen" the presentation. Good practical presentation of a real issue, the consequences and suggested fixes Thanks. Tom Cartwright
- Thomas C
Really nice guy. This information could help a lot of people.
- Michael S
Loved the speaker! Lots of good material and advice. Very caring person.
- Shannon S
Good content and obviously a very important subject given by one who has "been there". However, I wish Mr. Hyman was more dynamic in his delivery and not so morose and monotone.
- Ronald D
Handout did not match the video presentation, but very thought provoking & good content. Thank-You.
- Katherine J K
This was so powerful and should be featured as a top choice.
- Christianna R
This was not what I thought it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the advice and the coping mechanisms taught. Great presentation!
- scott f
Great advice for overcoming depression and living a stress free life.
- Timothy W
This course was both depressing and instructive. I was not aware that one out of every FIVE attorneys have an alcohol abuse problem. NO WONDER this course is required.
- Carol H
genuinely concerned nice guy
- pete c
Genuine and helpful information even for those without a substance abuse problem. Practical advice on how to deal with emotions associated with any legal setback.
- Roberta L
- Norman S
Lots of good information, well-presented. Thank you!
- David M
Sobering, pun intended, stats on alcohol and drug use in the profession, but more importantly a walk down the road helping to explain why. Great job!
- David V
Excellent, heart-felt presentation.
- Stephen G
Great presenter. A topic most lawyers usually choose to ignore and pretend doesn't exist. Highly recommend,
- Anthony G
I was very impressed. This was excellent.
- David B