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The Meeting of the Creditors

Presented by Daniel Gershburg

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Course Description

Length: 1h 0min    Published: 10/17/2018    
The meeting of the creditors, otherwise known as a 341 hearing, is one of the most crucial and often overlooked components of a bankruptcy case. Required by the bankruptcy code, this hearing gives the trustee the opportunity to ask the client questions in order to assess the validity of the claim and the completeness of the bankruptcy documents. In this program, bankruptcy attorney Daniel Gershberg takes an in-depth look at the meeting of the creditors. In addition to covering the questions that may be asked of your client and how your client should respond, he gives a number of valuable tips on how to avoid traps that could get your client into trouble.
Learning Objectives
* Understand the common questions asked of a client at a meeting of the creditors
* Learn how to avoid common client traps
* Get an in-depth understanding of what a meeting of the creditors entails

Speaker Q&A

Presented By:

Daniel Gershburg

New York, New York



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"Great content and the speaker is very interesting and easy to listen to. Definitely recommend!"

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"This presenter is the best. Not only is it interesting enough to compel attention, it makes me want to practice bankruptcy law!"

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"He was the best Lexvid lecturer I have heard so far. Knows his stuff and presents it clearly and efficiently. Excellent program."

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"Amazing presenter. Actually made learning about a bankruptcy meeting of creditors fun! Can tell he loves what he does!"

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