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The Nuts and Bolts of Performing Workplace Investigations

Presented by Christina J. Ro-Connolly

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Course Description

Length: 58min    Published: 2/9/2021    
Federal law requires employers to take all steps necessary to prevent various types of harassments from occurring. As such, it is imperative for employers to investigate potential occurrences of harassment, both to prevent various civil and potential consequences and to maintain employee morale. It is common for an attorney to either conduct the investigation or play a supporting role in the investigation. This program will address the key aspects of a workplace investigation from beginning to end. Topics covered include when to investigate, how to avoid bias in the investigation, how to weigh the evidence collected, determining credibility, and post-investigation steps.
Learning Objectives
* Understand the attorney's role in workplace investigations
* Learn how to avoid bias's impact on workplace investigations
* Cover the stops of conducting a workplace investigation
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Presented By:

Christina J. Ro-Connolly

Berkley, CA


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"Great presenter! She's on point, a great communicator, and draws on personal examples. I loved this!"

   Heidi B

"OUTSTANDING!! Full of information and the presenter had a wonderful, approachable quality that made the time breeze by. One of the best Lexvid CLE's I've taken. Thank You!!"

   Chriss W

"Excellent overview of investigation practices. Relevant examples, great materials (for later reference), and nice presentation style. Look forward to additional sessions from this speaker."