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An Attorney's Guide to Ethically Advising Start-ups

Presented by Todd Kulkin

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Course Description

Length: 1h 17min    Published: 9/29/2020    
The world of start-ups is an extremely exciting area of practice, in which clients require quite a bit of individualized attention as they try to establish and grow their fledgling companies. This course is designed for both start-up lawyers, and those looking to enter the start-up world. We provide the tools needed to navigate the myriad ethical quandaries inherent to this type of practice. After all, in such a specialized field - one in which connections are everything - the line between ethically safe and ethically problematic opportunities can be a fine one. COURSE AGENDA: 1. Introduction to Start-up Practice 2. Confidentiality 3. Conflict of Interest 4. Solicitation & Networking 5. No-Contact Rule 6. Referral Fees 7. Communicating with Unrepresented Persons 8. Attorney as third-party neutral 9. Trust account considerations 10. Non-law practice activities 11. Should You Take Equity? 12. Cryptocurrencies
Learning Objectives
* Networking and capital raising for your client while avoiding conflicts of interest or other ethical pitfalls
* Determine if and when it is right to accept equity in your client’s company
* Understanding “confidentiality”
* Advising start-ups at conferences and other events without incurring liability
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Presented By:

Todd Kulkin

New York, NY


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