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Course Reviews: Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work

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I candidly expected the topic to be highly offensive and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent handling of the topic.
- Jason F
She did an excellent job presenting this course.
- susan j
Very interesting presentation.
- Suzanne W
Really excellent material and presentation
- Michael P
How do we address our unconscious biases? First, we must examine ourselves in a truthful way. Tests have shown that implicit and unconscious biases exist. How often do I compartmentalizations someone or even a situa=Timon based on my history, cultural values, etc. This course examined various types of biases and gave me tools to confront if and to what extent I use these biases in decision making. Very important to admit our flaws/biases in order to ensure a level playing field.
- James G
I was very pleasantly surprised. The speaker got me thinking about bias and how to effectively deal with it
- david t
This is so important and everyone should take a course like this. The material was wonderful and the presentation was too.
- David D
Excellent engaging course
- Kenneth H
Ms. Thomas was fantastic! Knowledgeable, engaging, and gave very practical examples of the bias issue and how to address it, whether as the recipient of bias or as trying to rid oneself of it. I look forward to reviewing her materials.
- Maria Zulick N
Very engaging topic and presenter. Brought to attention my own behaviors.
- Colin D
I will work on my microaggressions
- Kenneth H
I took this because it was a part of my bundle. The course exceeded my expectations because the presenter did a great job at keeping me engaged. I also learned quite a bit about my potential biases.
- Jenifer R
Excellent presentation. Very informative.
- Frederick d
This subject was presented is respectful and comfortable way. The subject itself encourages all of us to inspect our own unconscious bias.. It was very effective.
- Suzanne F
This is the best course I've ever viewed about implicit bias!
- Lauren I
Actually so impressed with this lecture. It can be so difficult to make this lecture enjoyable and interesting because sometimes it feels forced or preachy to talk about this subject matter BUT this professor did such a fantastic job. Actually so informative and interesting to hear all the studies she referenced. Really absolutely loved this lecture and hoping Lexvid will have more videos by this professor in the future.
- Olesya K
Interesting information, good advice, presented very well.
- Linda M
Well constructed, fluid presentation, good examples.
- Mark H
I think the speaker was effective, knowledgeable and engaging so I don’t think she needed to put so much information into the slides. It was hard to follow at one point. I do think this is an important topic and appreciate her level of expertise.
Absolutely fantastic. Top notch.
- Benjamin A
i work a lot with implicit bias as a mediator and am familiar with the concepts. The presenter did a great job identifying these issues. thanks.
- Steven M
EXCELLENT presenter! Very knowledgeable; presented very interesting & helpful & sometimes surprising info. Very enjoyable to listen to.
- Mary L
This was a most informative and interesting program full of practical and useful information. The speaker was engaging and knowledgeable.
- James P
I am inspired..... this course should be mandated for all
- ann-marie r
Excellent presenter and presentation! Clear materials and her delivery made it a pleasure to watch.
- Heidi B