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Course Reviews: What Every Attorney Should Know About Traffic Stops

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.62 out of 5 Stars Based on 9,159 Ratings
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Great Job Adam!
- David B
Great perspective. Very informative, loved his presentation style - relatable.
- Elizabeth W
I enjoy this presenter's style and watch more than one of his classes
- Christina W
Excellent. Succinct and highlighted with interesting anecdotes.
- Mark H
Was based on Texas law. Not sure that it applies to California.
- W. Devin W
Straight on advice you may need yourself if you drive!
- Gerald K
Good information. Well presented.
- Seth J
- Ricardo P
Good concise coverage with appropriate cross-references
- Aubrey G
The instructor went over a lot of the basics. I found his experiences and viewpoints as a former law enforcement officer helpful in providing context.
- Adam L
Short, sweet, and succinct.
- David W
Liked requirement that the inventory search had to be specific to justify the search of the car.
- Christopher R
Great course thanks!
- Kevin L
He seemed really biased in favor of police officers. There last several years there has been numerous instances of unarmed African American men being shot by police. Philando Castille actually did what this presenter is suggested (announcing there is a weapon and offering to show the gun license) and he was still gunned down by police. The presentation fell a little flat for me because the presenter did not even mention the police brutality cases in his presentation. #blacklivesmatter
- Tiffany A
Smart, experienced guy.
- Dick B
Great refresher for Traffic stops. Good case law and good materials.
- Nick W
well done
- Mark P
Excellent presentation. Structured and included only necessary details.
- Sergio D
Excellent presentation of very practical advice.
- Donald C
Very interesting & good speaker
- Kathleen R
Great overall program for knowing a police officer's perspective and what to do/ not do for a traffic stop. The portion about consent could have been a little clearer.
- Rachel R
Well done
- Robert B
Really enjoyed this one.
- Cheryl H
I would have liked to hear more on the subject.
- Cynthia C
- Jeffrey M