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Course Reviews: The Art of Graceful Disagreement: Ethics & Civility

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.72 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,570 Ratings
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Very informative; great delivery.
- Carlo C
Excellent course; superbly presented.
- Stewart M
Very informative and well prepared. Was enjoyable to follow and learn.
- Aaron L
Course was informative and I enjoyed it
- Jeffrey A
Very good presentation
- John A
Very knowledgeable presenter & easy to listen to. Very informative.
- Mary L
- Kurt S
Excellent presentation and substance.
- Reginald W
Excellent presentation, thoughtful, well-organized, and informative. Exactly what a CLE should be.
- David S
Very informed and well presented
- Michael C
Great course. Informative and necessary.
- Melea B
The instructor is very good. I've watched two of her presentations on LEXVID. The first one motivated me to watch the second one.
- Steven T
Amazing. Informative and engaging!
- Octavia Anne M
Concise, clear. Worthy effort by Chairman of the State Bar Ethics Committee
- Fred Q
Excellent Presentation.
- Harvey R
Wendy Patrick creates informative and entertaining presentations. It is so nice to watch someone who loves what they do and has experience and wisdom to share. Who thought CLEs could be enjoyable? Now I want to go to Youtube & look up some of the theatrics she mentioned.
- Sarah V
Excellent course, engaging instructor, and a pleasure to partake.
- Heidi B
Course very well presented by someone whose presentation was interesting and informatiave.
- Dean S
Very efficient and practical presentation. Most referenced rules actually presented in slides, not just left for later research by persons, which is appreciated.
- Diane R
She is the best presenter that I have seen. I love her courses.
- Christopher R
- Stephen R
Wendy Patrick’s presentations are invariably thoughtful, informative and practical. Her conversational style makes the presentation engaging and the material accessible.
- Gregory T
Really like the presenter’s style. Very helpful and thoughtful information.
- Gregory P
She was great.
- Rose M
Interesting and clearly presented.
- Rose S