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Uplifting and encouraging. Not just a reminder of the dangers and pitfalls related to civility rules, but an invitation to take pride in the profession. Very glad I saw this one.
- Robert L
One of the best CLE presenters and presentations that I have seen.
- William H
Helpful course.
- Debra Ann W
Great presentation!
- Michael M
Very well done!
- John C
Great job of pointing out one's duty as an attorney to be civil.
- Scott J
Wendy's presentation -- which, unlike most, was natural and not blatantly read from a script -- was very refreshing.
- Mark D
- Gregory L
Great topic and a good listen.
- Robert C
More actual examples would make the Rules referred to come alive and the presentation more enjoyable. Thank you
- Blaine M
Wendy made me think twice about some of my own past responses to lawyers who I've felt disrespected me at times. Keeping in mind, as she said, that a trial is only about the facts and the law, I'll try harder to ignore accusations by opposing counsel and parties and keep it as civil as possible.
- Geri H
Excellent topics and presentation. Very relevant to everyday practice of law.
- Thomas M C
Very informative; great delivery.
- Carlo C
Excellent course; superbly presented.
- Stewart M
Very informative and well prepared. Was enjoyable to follow and learn.
- Aaron L
Course was informative and I enjoyed it
- Jeffrey A
Very good presentation
- John A
Very knowledgeable presenter & easy to listen to. Very informative.
- Mary L
- Kurt S
Excellent presentation and substance.
- Reginald W
Excellent presentation, thoughtful, well-organized, and informative. Exactly what a CLE should be.
- David S
Very informed and well presented
- Michael C
Great course. Informative and necessary.
- Melea B
The instructor is very good. I've watched two of her presentations on LEXVID. The first one motivated me to watch the second one.
- Steven T
Amazing. Informative and engaging!
- Octavia Anne M