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The Art of Graceful Disagreement: Ethics & Civility

Presented by Wendy Patrick

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Course Description

Length: 1h 7min    Published: 8/24/2022    
The effectiveness of our adversarial legal system is greatly enhanced through the combination of talent and temperament. The mark of a fine lawyer is the ability to gain both reverence and respect through effective advocacy combined with civility and fair play. This combination decreases animosity in the courtroom, promotes good faith negotiation, and will ultimately both benefit clients and improve the public perception of the profession. This program will provide a thorough examination of a lawyer’s ethical and professional duties both in and out of the courtroom as they relate to civility and professionalism. It will discuss the interaction between advocacy and civility using practical examples frequently faced by criminal and civil law practitioners, and provide recent case law and ethical rules discussing some common issues. It will cover applicable rules of both ethics and professionalism, as well as the duty of respect to the court and the court’s power of contempt.
Learning Objectives
* Learn how civility and professionalism elevates the legal profession
* Understand the interaction between advocacy and civility
* Explore recent case law and ethical rules covering common ethics and professionalism issues
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Presented By:

Wendy Patrick

San Diego, CA

Featured Reviews

"An important reminder for new and more experienced practitioners. I was admitted the PA Bar in 1980. I know from personal experience that a lawyer's reputation for civility, reasonableness, and preparedness over time inures to one's client's benefit."

   Suzanne F

"Excellent presentation, thoughtful, well-organized, and informative. Exactly what a CLE should be. "

   David S

"An Awesome and very Informative presentation by Wendy Patrick"

   Walter F

"Wendy Patrick creates informative and entertaining presentations. It is so nice to watch someone who loves what they do and has experience and wisdom to share. Who thought CLEs could be enjoyable? Now I want to go to Youtube & look up some of the theatrics she mentioned. "

   Sarah V