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Course Reviews: Settlement of Employment Disputes - Part I

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.55 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,999 Ratings
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Perhaps the speaker should have know in advance that the talk likely would take longer than one hour and give topics for each half, third, or fourth.
- Hugh Stanton P
Fantastic presentation, chock full of valuable information for employer s'and employees' attorneys.
- Rhoda A
Very knowledgeable presenter--knows the ins and outs of labor/employment law. Superb written materials/outlines.
- Jaime S
Excellent course. Very helpful
- Stephanie B
Excellent. Thorough, detailed, instructive.
- LaDonna W
I am on the management side of these cases and I really appreciated his insight on both sides of the aisle. Well done.
- John H
A knowledgeable talking head. Why presenters don't take advantage of the perfect place box to the right to provide an ongoing outline of the material is beyond me.
- Russell M
Very thorough. Thank-you.
- Mark A
Great course.
- Cynthia F
Superb lecture and course materials!
- Philip S
This course addresses the requirements of employment dispute settlement agreements. The title implies it's a little broader than that. So, just to be clear, know that this is a presentation on what needs to be in the agreement itself, and the purpose and drawback of various provisions, rather than strategies for how to negotiate a favorable agreement. That said, it is very informative within the confines of what the written agreement should have in it.
- Robert E
Subject very interesting. Addressed the issue of personal digital devices and retrieval of personal vs company info from such. Very detailed as to employer/employee interactions.
- Daniel C
Very knowledgeable instructor. A bit dry in presentation, but still excellent.
- mark w
excellent presentation Informative and workable examples
- denise l
I REALLY found this presentation very informative and on point!! Thank you!!
- Rikki U
Great presenter. Great substance. Highly recommend.
- David C
Lots of great insight and information. Easy to understand.
- deborah s
Extremely knowledgeable presenter. Great course materials.
- Veronica S
Excellent presentation on the complexities of settlement agreements. I will put this to use right away!
- Barbara V
Really outstanding. I am licensed in both DC & CA.
- Kath W
Wonderful handouts
- Robert F
too basic
- Thomas W
The Best LexVid course taken to date in terms of both content and written materials.
- Nicholas K
One of the most current and in-depth videos I have seen; great job!
- Gary M