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Course Reviews: Rule 35 Mental Exams

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.58 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,114 Ratings
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Probably could have been shorter, but a lot of good advice on strategy and he provided useful information.
- Elaine Y
I've taught this subject and I learned enough to make this worthwhile.
- Timothy L
Detailed and common sense to the issues presented...
- Mark M
Interesting and you seem to have been around the block a few times so thanks for the experience sharing.
- Guy K
He was great, so entertaining and informative!
- Lesley Q
- sabrina h
Excellent presentation. Enjoyed the anecdotes from personal experience and experience at trial.
- Bridget C
Very good presentation, lots of experience in it
The presenter was very knowledgeable about the topic. Thank you!
- Jana C
This guy was so boring I actually missed an attendance check because I tuned him out and didn't realize he had stopped speaking.
- matthew r
So many helpful tips - this is what conversations with a lawyer mentor are like. Learned a lot from this presentation.
- Karen K
Learned a great deal in this presentation - from an eminently qualified presenter. Outstanding insight, and I only wish I could have had the benefit of his instruction back in the days when I was doing heavy-duty Plaintiff's PI and Work Comp cases - when I had to deal with the frustration of questioning medical professionals who often made it very difficult to obtain much needed and very obvious expert opinion testimony. Many had an obvious disregard for anyone working through the difficulties and complexities of the legal system - even their own patients! Thanks for a great program.
- Robert S
Absolutely 100% knowledgeable. But very difficult to listen to.
- Emilia R
- Stephen S
A bit dated having been recorded pre-Dobbs. The comments questioning the use of Roe in some cases and importance of stare decisis are now stale.
- Brenda B
Robert was fantastic. Will definitely watch more of his videos!
- Michael L
Excellent presentation. Fitzgerald had plenty of content and took the time needed to develop his points. The lecture could be expanded into a course on How To Litigate A Personal Injury Case (and more). In a different setting it would be fun to hear more of Fitzgerald's "war stories" --he seems to be a very effective practitioner and teacher.
- Owen H
Interesting area of the law. Looks like playing minesweeper.
- Bonnie B
Mr. Fitzpatrick seems to be a very knowledgeable and amiable guy. I'm sure I could benefit in many more ways from his years of experience and his expertise. But his style is rambling and that was worsened by the fact that he coughed and snorted too often in his presentation. He was probably just having a bad day. But I think he could have leveraged his expertise to a greater degree by being more focused and more in command of his presentation, locating the materials on his floor, and finding his eyeglasses. Still, I learned a lot.
- David M
I really found this material useful, and the instructor seemed well-versed in the practical application of the rules.
- Francesca G
Super knowledgeable about subject matter...
I was disappointed.
- Virginia J
Very knowledgeable instructor; liked his candid remarks
- Margaret M
- Mary M
Interesting material but a little long. I kept taking brakes to keep from falling asleep. Other wise a good presentation.
- Jon D