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Presentence Investigation (PSI) Report Critique

Presented by Mark Silver

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Course Description

Length: 1h 10min    Published: 11/30/2018    
A presentence investigation report (PSI) is a report compiled from a number of sources an evidence intended to paint a full picture of a defendant's history, mental health, financial condition, etc. It is intended to assist the court in fashioning fair sentences and aides the probation officer in supervising the offender. More often than not, however, the PSI is incomplete, misleading, or otherwise inadequately prepared, and thus is not effective for mitigation purposes. This program takes in in-depth look at the common issues with PSIs and gives criminal defense attorneys the tools they need to create an effective PSI for their client.
Learning Objectives
* Discover how presentence investigation reports can be used as a mitigation tool for clients charged with a crime
* Understand what common issues can affect the accuracy of a PSI
* Learn what sources can be used to create a thorough PSI
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