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Authentication of Handwriting

Presented by Mike Wakshull

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Course Description

Length: 1h 8min    Published: 2/7/2019    
Most work performed by forensic document examiners is authentication of handwriting. The majority of this work is authentication of signatures. Advances in computer software has increased the accuracy of the results. This work often requires skill in matching patterns of writing. The underlying basis for handwriting comparison is learning the different ways a person writes across writing sessions. The forensic document examiner uses tools such as microscopes to examine the writing in question to find small details that a simulator will not discover. The document examiner learns whether the questioned writing fits within the patterns observed in the person's known writing. This seminar uses case studies to illustrate methods of authentication. Cases include the Zodiac Killer and the 2018 Zahau v. Shacknai case that resolved whether Rebecca Zahau was murdered or committed suicide at the Spreckels Mansion on Coronado Island. Topics covered are: - Handwriting identification techniques - The 21 attributes of handwriting examined by forensic document examiners - When are various tools used to examine handwritten documents? - What are generally accepted methods of examining handwritten documents? - What is the basis of handwriting comparison? - What is the difference between simulated writing and disguised writing?
Learning Objectives
* Understand the methods experts use to authenticate handwriting
* Explore high-profile cases that hinged on document authentication
* Discover what you should look for when hiring a document authentication expert
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Presented By:

Mike Wakshull

Temecula, CA

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"I found this course very to be enlightening as to the potential for challenging questionable documents"

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