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Mindfulness Essentials for Professionalism

Presented by Judi Cohen

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Course Description

Length: 52min    Published: 1/26/2015    
It's no secret that the practice of law often means long hours, high stress, and constant conflict. The adversarial nature of a lawyer's day-to-day can seep into our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, and can lead to a number of behaviors that deteriorate our professionalism. In this program, lawyers will learn about using mindfulness as a tool to keep a competent, healthy state of mind that will make you a better lawyer. Mindfulness expert Judi Cohen will discuss both mindfulness as a concept and what it means for lawyers in particular. She will help viewers understand how the mind works and how to cultivate a laboratory of the mind, which will, in turn, help us skillfully and professionally respond to stressful or difficult situations in that occur in a day-to-day law practice, increase focus and efficiency, and make better choices.
Learning Objectives
* Understand mindfulness and how it can be used in the practice of law
* Learn skills in responding to stressful situations
* Increase focus and efficiency in your practice using mindfulness techniques
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Presented By:

Judi Cohen

Featured Reviews

"Great stuff. This type of information should be mandatory for lawyers. I have had to take cover the law practices of two different alcoholics. What a shame."

   Pattie C


   Thomas G

"Excellent. A must see."

   Jack A

"Wonderful, helpful, insight into effective practice of law. Mindfulness should be a part of all law school, ethical and practice requirements as well as CLEs."

   Noemi P