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Course Reviews: Being an Ethical Lawyer on the Internet

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 21,068 Ratings
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Very well presented and informative
- Donna E
- Howard R
nicely done Wm. M.
- william m
Timely topic well presented.
- MaryBeth L
- Jimmie F
Material seemed basic
- Gretta H
Excellent presentation and very useful.
- Eileen P M
Very interesting presentation done well. A wake up call for practitioners who aren't internet and media savvy!
- R. Brian G
Very thorough
- Michael K
Would have been great to have more of the tips and specific advice in printed form (not just the slides).
- Zachary S
I enjoyed this program
- Andrew G
Power Point presentation didn't always keep up with speaker
- Amy E
Very informative , thank you.
- Desiree B
Speaker was engaging and informative. The course kept my attention.
- Joyce H
Good summary of electronic media and applicable law.
- David W
I thought the course was good. Lots of pitfalls in social media use. The technical knock is that I couldn't put the video on "full screen". That made it slightly harder to read the written materials on the split screen. Thanks. Tom Cartwright
- Thomas C
Very good material with clear presentation. Nicely done.
- Michael S
Very substantive update and smattering of surprises regarding social media and the resulting additional obligations upon practitioners.
- Christopher D
Excellent, interesting speaker. Extremely pertinent topic.
- Ann A
Well done in every respect. With a total command of the subject and the laws affecting it, she gave a grand tour of the ethical problems lawyers can face when dealing with the Internet, especially email and social media. You may think of a judge as a friend, but don't "friend" him on Facebook.
- Russell M
I enjoyed this course very much. It was very educational.
- Marion C
Really enjoyed this program.
- Rebecca V
Very helpful!
- Vida F
Outstanding presentation!
- Thomas M
Very interesting and insightful explanation of the potential issues associated with use of the web. Well worth the hour spent.
- Anthony P