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Course Reviews: Legal & Practical Implications of Managing a Generationally Diverse Workplace

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.59 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,951 Ratings
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Love hearing about the generational differences!
- Sarah O
well done!
- John C
I enjoyed the fact that the material was presented clearly and concisely.
- Lisa B
Effective presentation, aided by the short dramatizations.
- William H
I liked the video's provided in the courses.
- Lynn C
Good practical class.
- MaryKim D
This was an excellent presentation. Instructor used multimedia to provide content instead of just talking. That helped.
- Helene K
The speaker, Rhonda J. Moll was very interesting and explained about the different generational workers with ease and showed how to treat all people alike though different and not discriminate against anyone. She did a fantastic job and made it easy for me.
- Charles W
Not the most dynamic topic. But speaker did the best she could. Info is great and videos are helpful. would like to see more role playing
- Larry H
Ms. Moll has an engaging and comfortable style and the subject matter was presented in an effective and relatable manner. Loved the nod to Office Space. Great job.
- Russell S
Ms. Moll gives a thorough overview of the legal framework and challenges of the multi-generational workplace. Although her voice is a bit grating (to my ears) and her delivery is not very dynamic, her content is strong and most of the points she raises are not just legally called for but genuinely helpful; she shows good common sense is seeking the small adjustments on all sides of generational divides, that produce better and happier performance. Her summaries of key points of the ADEA and some comparisons with state law standards were good. The video hypotheticals were a good, and entertaining, break from the main lecture. Some of the powerpoint slides, on case law especially, were a bit too detailed to fit comfortably and legibly on one slide, and could have been spread out more. Over all, however, an excellent presentation.
- Arthur W
I’m not sure that approaching workplace problems from a generational point of view makes sense. The issues discussed like ageism, racism, homophobia, and sexism cross generational lines. And I’m really not even sure about the assumptions made about workplace values in different generations. I understand the disclaimer at the beginning, but I’m still not convinced that this is the way to approach a course like this.
- Joseph K
Very Informative
- Ferdinando ("Fred") P
very fun course
- peter c
Very clear and down-to-earth (in a good way) presentation.
- Robert K
Great presentation - very interesting. The video inserts of different work scenarios was fun and effective. I wish the slides had been synced to the presenter's presentation.
- Richard Brian G