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Legal & Practical Implications of Managing a Generationally Diverse Workplace

Presented by Rhonda J. Moll

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Course Description

Length: 58min    Published: 4/22/2020    
Many businesses, including law firms, now include employees who may be over 50 years apart in age. And that gap may be widening, as an increasing number of older employees are remaining in the workforce much later in life than in the past. Some employees remain working because they are enjoying healthier lifestyles, living longer and are not in any rush to retire. Others may simply not be able to afford to retire as a result of economic downturns, most notably in 2008, that dramatically reduced their retirement savings. From discrimination, harassment, and implicit bias, there are a number of legal and ethical challenges arise in having a workforce that spans multiple generations. This program will help lawyers address these challenges and support a work environment that is inclusive, productive, and legally compliant. Topics include: - Changing workplace demographics - Understanding and supporting different generations - The legal framework of age discrimination and harassment - Addressing the challenges created by diverse generations working together - Management techniques to minimize the effects of implicit bias and avoid discrimination and harassment
Learning Objectives
* Understanding generational bias
* How to address challenges created by a generationally diverse workforce
* Minimize the effects of implicit bias in a law firm
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Presented By:

Rhonda J. Moll

New York


Featured Reviews

"Very clear and down-to-earth (in a good way) presentation."

   Robert K

"The speaker, Rhonda J. Moll was very interesting and explained about the different generational workers with ease and showed how to treat all people alike though different and not discriminate against anyone. She did a fantastic job and made it easy for me."

   Charles W