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The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part I: Infrastructure of Valuation

Presented by Jay Abrams

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Course Description

Length: 2h 2min    Published: 7/11/2016    
A satisfactory result for you client often hinges on a proper valuation. As an attorney working with and against valuation experts, you must have a good working knowledge of how accurate valuations are conducted and what the best practices are.

In this series, author and valuations expert Jay Abrams gives attorneys a primer in valuation methods. Part I, which covers the infrastructure of valuation, consists of the following topics:

1. Premise of Value - the assumptions underlying the valuation.
2. Standards of Value — current and ancient standards of value.
3. Valuation Approaches - The three valuation approaches in business valuation are the asset approach, the income approach, and the market approach.
4. Digital Qualities - various digital (or binary) qualities that relate components of value and standards of value to human psychology
5. Elements of an Engagement Letter
6. Regression Analysis— an important, all-pervasive statistical tool that sophisticated appraisers can use in many phases of the valuation process.

Learning Objectives
* Explore the premise of value
* Understand the three valuation approaches
* Learn about the current and ancient standards of value
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Presented By:

Jay Abrams

Valley Village, CA


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"Great comparisons to demonstrate the concept."

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"Excellent ! what a brilliant and beautiful man... I understood some complex concepts for the first time !"


"Very well done. Use of story-based examples was excellent and the two-camera production for this kind of lecture was effective and unusual."

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