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Course Reviews: Four Very Expensive Ethical Mistakes Lawyers Can Avoid Making

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.48 out of 5 Stars Based on 9,978 Ratings
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sound was slightly lower than most videos
- Christine Leanne C
It would be very helpful if the viewing utility had a 10-second rewind button.
- Ben V
- shriram m
Excellent presentation by a professional who knows the subject very well.
- Kenneth P
Although I've been practicing law for 54+ years, this was a good refresher.
- Robert H
Great presentation of material which can be at times dry. Thorough explanation of all points.
- Eileen P M
Insightful and thought provoking...touched on duties to client requiring emotional maturity in a way that made me put myself in my client’s place differently for the first time in sadly, a 20 year practice. Will probably watch it again and again when needed refresher. Presenter was calm and direct...a real asset to the legal community.
- Tanya L
Very informative presentation
- Michael K
Presenter was great. Very knowledgeable and very persuasive. Sound quality was poor. Had difficulty hearing her.
- charles w
Obviously knowledgeable, but not very engaging.
- Maria O
it was "very interesting!" ;) kind of overused that word.... but i guess, every case, everything is VERY INTERSTING! ;)
- daniel s
Thank you
Nice straightforward well reasoned material and presentation. Just a good reminder of ethical responsibilities and the way problems happen
- Theodore S
Good citations and practical applications! Thanks!!!
- Barbara S
This course was very good and informative.
- Marion C
Important, practical and highly relevant to any lawyer's practice.
- Leslie E
Really liked the practical application.
- Gregory B
good program
- Gayla C
Should make an effort to have at least one case example from the east coast such as a new york case
- Steven B
This was a very interesting program. The attorney brought up 4 areas of possible misconduct which I do not think are commonly known. Also appreciated the case citations given.
- Carol H
A good, careful and precise presentation of the four big areas of legal malpractice: Fees, Communication, Documents and Insurance. The presenter bridged to any US jurisdiction with good use of the ABA rule of professional conduct. Well done. Thank you.
- James D
Good presentation, knowledgeable instructor.
- Louis R
Very good-thank you
- John D
Great use of case law. Very informative and helpful. Love your jacket!
- Lindsay G
Nice job
- Russell L