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Course Reviews: Fashionably Legal -- Fashion and Intellectual Property

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.65 out of 5 Stars Based on 833 Ratings
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Excellent presentation. Interesting topic.
- Zachary D
Well done!
- James T
This presentation was by far the most interesting CLE I have taken in a long time. Thank you!
- Kecia B
very good presentation of caselaw.
- Margaret G
Very informative.
- michael d
Really interesting and informative.
- Margaret D
Nice presentation and good visuals kept it flowing. Thank you.
- India D
Helpful, more up to date than other modules. Visual and written material key and done well. Could be more modules, more up to date. Necessity of viewing images to compare to legal standards kept interest
- Sarah K
Interesting subject matter about companies that impact us all.
- jovan j
It was a very interesting topic. I enjoyed the presenter's very informative and easy to follow presentation.
- Sabrina M
Excellent presentation
- Kenneth S
Fun and engaging discussion of past and present issues in fashion/IP
- Pauline I
Fun overview of the topic.
- Amy H
This one is excellent!
- Jamie S
This was excellent and very interesting.
- Claudia H
interesting - i think the content was very good this was an enjoyable class
- Jo Ann M
Very clear and amusing program
- Margery P
Very interesting presentation!
- MaryKim D
Great content and presentation. I really enjoyed this course, and found it very helpful!
- George M