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Course Reviews: Ethics & Privilege Issues: Witnesses

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 16,151 Ratings
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I have been an attorney for more than 40 years. These are the most informative CLE courses I have ever taken
- Phillip T
Instructor was very organized in her presentation of the materials. Good knowledge of the material issues
- Davida S
Good instructor; knew her stuff!!
- Jon M
From personal experience, this course reinforced the complexities of the subject matter particularly with the diversity of decisions in various state and federal jurisdictions. The presenter did an excellent job of providing information in a concise and professional manner.
- Kenneth P
Very good
- Patric W
Very well presented program, well-prepared and knowledgeable presenter. Got into areas of corporate (employee/agent) depositions, which is a new area for me, even though my forte iscriminal defense and some plaintiff civil litigation.
- Robert H
Very good overview of the issues with witnesses and how to address them.
- Lisa B
Content rich and well presented course.
- Ralph R
Amazing instructor. Really enjoyed and learned from this presentation.
- Camille H
Ms. Lynn was excellent! You should pay her a bonus!
- Jimmie F
very good
- DC Jim D
I would have like more state specific information.
Covered lot of ground, might consider narrowing some in this short time period.
- Timothyy K
Clear and concise presentation.
- Robert C
The course was very informative. My only issue is that it froze several times.
- Albert N
Excellent overview.
- John D
The amount of information provided was great and relevant to my civil litigation practice, so much so I wish there was more of the CLE. I could sit through a whole day of this lecture. Thank you for the information and the documents I have downloaded for future reference.
- Rebecca V
She was very good. She should do more!
- Paul K
Good presentation
- Frederick M
Really enjoyed this course. The information was presented well and I specifically liked the presentation of case law with differing analyses by courts regarding things such as consulting with clients/witnesses during depo breaks. The presenter did an excellent job and was very informative. I wish she had been paired with a criminal practitioner to be able to give more specifics on areas where this information would differ for criminal law.
- Anne R
Clear, informative presentation. Thanks.
- John M
Concentrated info on many facets of a complex issue.
- Karen B
This was a truly helpful course with case law that every young lawyer should hear about before they go into their first deposition! I would recommend this course to all litigators.
- Kerri Y
Well Done
- Robert B
Great lecturer, I actually learned some new things
- Arlo Hale S