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Examining the Ethical Ebb & Flow of E-Discovery

Presented by Kirby Drake

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Course Description

Length: 1h 4min    Published: 8/9/2019    
With the rise of email, social media, and other electronic records and communications, the discovery phase of litigation is now overwhelmingly focused on electronic information. With e-discovery, the risk of destruction of evidence leading to spoliation and possible sanctions are exceptionally high. Electronic discovery can be an ethical landmine for the attorneys involved in litigation. In this program, attorney Kirby Drake will give attorneys the tips and tools they need to engage in effective e-discovery while avoiding the ethical landmines that could sink their case and lead to court-imposed disciplinary actions.
Learning Objectives
* The e-discovery landscape in modern litigation
* Common ethical traps arising with e-discovery
* Tips and tools for effective and ethical e-discovery

Speaker Q&A

Presented By:

Kirby Drake

Dallas, TX


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"This speaker obviously knew her stuff. Of all the courses taken on this platform, this was the most interesting."

   Dena W