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Course Reviews: Constitutional Restrictions on Erotic Speech Under the First Amendment

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.67 out of 5 Stars Based on 8,569 Ratings
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very interesting delivery with difficult content.
- karen n
Excellent on Free Speech for erotica.
- Timothy L
This guy knows his stuff. Presents it without being officiousl
- Michael M
Excellent speaker.
- Alan L
Goodmcourse. Integrating slides into the video would be helpful
- William W
Good presentation of an interesting area of the law. Given the fact that there are so few obscenity prosecutions, though, I'm not sure how relevant this will ultimately be to my practice. There were a few things in this presentation that seemed to conflict with what I remember from my constitutional law course in law school, and I don't think the law has changed since then (2014).
- Rohit N
Easy to follow and very informative.
- Rogelio P
Great speaker.
- Yikes-Chwen P
Excellent course. Interesting topic with a well informed and engaging speaker.
- Debra L
Excellent summary by someone who is clearly an expert in the field of First Amendment rights in this area.
- Stephen G
- Alvaro V
While the presenter certainly knew the subject matter, he kept inserting his personal (or perhaps business) judgments into the presentation. After a while it became patently clear what his personal beliefs are related to the use and consumption of erotic material as well as the other subjects that were covered.
- Roger I
Excellent presentation of excellent material. Thank you!
- Rodney S
Interesting. I thought the laws against different types of Internet erotica were more alive than the presenter suggested.
- Mark W
- Alissa A
very informative and succinct.
- Scott L
Very informative program. Thank you.
- Nancy k
While obscenity prosecution is somewhat obsolete now, 1st Amendment issues are always relevant. A point very well explored through this informed presentation - plus, what attorney doesn't love a discussion about a three-pronged test. Well done.
- Veronica S
Very good
- Elliot T
Good discussion of the evolution and current status of free speech in general. Incorporates some things I did not expect such as the effect of speech in connection with a conviction.
- Harry R
- leopold r
The presenter was articulate and provided interesting information. If I had one complaint, his frequent asides indicating his personal viewpoint were distracting from the legal arguments.
- Helene K
Good information about the importance of the First Amendment
- James M
Great information
- Garrick F
An excellent, complete and compelling presentation. Well done.
- Marianne R