Course Reviews: Domestic Violence: Forensics and Mitigation in Criminal Defense

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.66 out of 5 Stars Based on 77 Ratings

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Very helpful.
- John T
Very informative.
- Jana C
This is an excellent presentation of the area of domestic violence.
- Kevin C
Well organized.
- Hugh O
Presented with a lot of compassion for victims. Thank you!
- Giselle F
This presentation seemed to me to lack structure -- maybe I am too used to a more legal approach of citing cases and building reasoning or overall principles, but this one seemed more like an endless checklist without sufficient unifying theme.
- Arthur W
This CLE's presenter is terrific! The presenter's vast substantive knowledge, passion-within-dispassion, voice modulation, speaking style and superb manner of connecting with the audience make this CLE an outstanding selection. I enjoyed this CLE tremendously; I give it my highest recommendation.
- Michael W
Very informative. The program was an eye-opener
- Janice b