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Excellent course. Great speaker
- Tamara M
This was the best course on the subject I have taken. The instructor was excellent, compelling and made the topics interesting and relevant. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you.
- Juliana K
One of the best CLE courses I have taken in 20 years of practice.
- Aldo F
Nothing like personal experience ! Excellent presentation and excellent speaker thank you
- Sylvie D
Excellent content and very useful
- Shawn V
This was one of the best Ethics CLE courses that I have ever taken throughout my career.
- John L
Superb content and presentation by Brian Quinn.
- Joseph M
Hands down the most compelling subject and presentation I have ever encountered in a CLE or any other presentation. Thank you so much for making this available Lex Vid.
- Stephen H
This is the best, most useful CLE I have ever taken. Law students should be required to watch this before graduating.
- Anne B
Instructor's "confession" of all his past problems at the end of his presentation made his presentation doubly effective and authentic.
- Albert H
This was a great course.
- Terry S
This was very good. It seems that all lawyers are at least "driven." I wonder if law attracts these sorts of personalities or if only these personalities can effectively and affectively practice law. Above all, we should help each other recognize these traits and get help where and when needed.
- Deanne V
This presenter was really outstanding.
- Robert J
Mr. Quinn provided inspiration to cope with depression, etc. under the current circumstances of the Covid pandemic (Excellent Presentation) !
- John R
Very interesting topic, thorough information provided, easy to listen to.
- Christina S
Wonderful presentation from someone who really knows!!
- Sylvia M
Very helpful and timely. I appreciated the concrete suggestions for lawyers suffering from stress and for lawyers who may have colleagues who need help.
- Elizabeth G
Timely and important. Great info!
- Chriss W
Amazing work. Thank you for helping others.
- Michelle I