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Great Q and A with the audience during the last 20 minutes.
- Donald H
Useful, informative and well presented.
- Paul L
Fun class
- Florence K
good course !!!
- Barbara E. I
I wanted to be there in person. People seemed to be having fun.
- Allen H
Better than expected!
- Audrey S
Overall- helpful.
- Tim M
Good job
- Erharuyi I
Lively Group interaction.
- J. Joseph L
Not the cheeriest topic but I appreciated the sincerity of the presenters.
- Julia W
Ms. Coverley and Mr. English did a terrific job in opening up a dialogue with the attendees whereby the attendees were encouraged to reach out to each other. Very inspirational!
- Michael N
Good. Worthwhile.
- Steven S
I didn't realize the course was about substance abuse but it was excellent. I was anticipating something about the boundaries of experience.
- Michael P
I was surprised at how relevant and meaningful this presentation was.
- James T
great job
- lloyd s
Great presentation. Very informative and helpful.
- Brian G
Caring, thoughtful speakers.
- Rose S
Really helpful and insightful
- Collin M
Great presentation with many helpful tips.
- Adriana C
The slides didn't load.
- Caryn H
The presenters did a great job.
- Barbara D
Best session so far. Much more energy and interest generated.
- Donna S
They made a potentially difficult topic entertaining
- James B
A good review of the important information that we all experience, but no one wants to talk about!
- Carolyn M
Excellent, both useful and entertaining. Wish I could have been there in person. I would have liked to have seen a few more case studies on actions that indicate incompetency and how to recognize them. An opposing attorney that reeks of alcohol in the courtroom was one example, but what about colleagues in the same law firm?
- Allan M