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Loved it!
- Susan B
It was an excellent presentation of a subject with many complex parts. Reading material could be improve.
- Kenneth P
Entertaining delivery and nice voice modulation; Brings up good examples. Generally, this is interesting stuff for nonprofit attorneys-- but it is more about raising questions than providing the answers. However, with that caveat, for an introduction to the topic, that information may be all one needs : enough to know where the common fundraising pitfalls are in order to investigate them further before stepping into them. Had there been materials, then we could have known some of the data, or at least, perhaps, where to investigate further, or even had some of the data provided, e.g., which 40 states do require registration? and what is the universal form he references with its 17 exceptions? where can it be accessed? what is best online source or published material for further reference? So biggest objection is: No written materials with any legal citations or sources to support what he talks about.
- Tracey C
The presenter is clearly comfortable in front of the camera and is conversational and even casual; however, there is little depth to his discussion of the legal issues confronting charity fundraising, no reference to cases and few examples. More specificity and legal rigor would have been helpful. Significant time was taken in the introductory description of what areas would be covered, in general terms, but that was followed by an equally general review of mostly common-sense principles - don't misrepresent the purposes to which the funds raised will be put, e.g. Discussion of cases in which the IRS or other authorities found charities or their corporate partners liable, or non-qualifying for exemption, would have helped. Personally however the presenter speaks well, makes eye contact and is personable.
- Arthur W
Fabulous presentation. great tool for lawyers wanting to be able to issue spot.
- Eileen P M
Well done!
- Frank M
Nice one!
- Michael S
Great presenter, he knows his subject matter!
- Eulalia S
Generally good but focus was on questions and awareness and less on solutions or recommrnstions
- Steven M
Awesome summary
- Katherine K
This program was a great introduction to helping charities and nonprofits fulfill their legal obligations
- Rachel R
Very basic. More common sense than technical legal aspects.
- Marianne R
well done
- William S
Seems like he took 15 mins to say "all 50 states have their own laws". ....& after that not really any specifics
- Barbara H
Would be nice to have some information on non profit meetings among the board and other requirements, and common bylaw disputes or other legal issues. Tax information was also useful.
- Kavita T
he did a great job, would like some more written materials on the subject to have accompanied course-- great job.- very knowledgeable
- debra s
Really enjoyed presenter's personality and knowledge. He was very engaging.
- Lindsey P
Excellent primer on charity and fundraising with a focus on royalty agreements, unrelated business income and traps in the nonprofit sector.
- Max V
I sit on the Board of a small not-for profit and found the content very useful.
- Linda P
Lecturing on the couch with arms hanging over the couch is distracting and lessons the message, like nonprofit is not as important... I'm especially interested in nonprofit materials
- carla c
The course content was truly interesting and the oral presentation excellent. I found myself riveted by the oral presentation but would have benefited from more visual aids (more information via written materials on the board), and that is the only reason for the lower rating I gave this presentation.
- Shirley S
Excellent presentation: clear, holds your attention, has humor. How do you find such interesting, effective speakers.... Your lecturers all hold my attention, no mind wandering. I will be referring your course to my lawyer friends, upon completion. Thank you.
- Jeannie T
Exlt presentation. I periodically do pro bono work with non-profits and this information was incredibly helpful!
- Hans U
Excellent and engaging presentation!
- Lyn S
very in-depth
- Tyra P