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I appreciated your clear delivery style. The video segments were very well-done, and demonstrate the layers of nuance that can happen in the workplace. Very interesting figure you cited regarding backlash from #MeToo. I really liked the point you made regarding, "the employee should not have to ask their boss for support." Even though every manager needs to keep an open mind and remember that the accused may in fact be innocent, in a situation like the lunchroom scenario, it's important for supervisors and managers to be advocates for respect, and to facilitate positive and meaningful dialogue.
- Mari M
I appreciated hearing and watching this course. It was excellent and clear overview and informative update.
- Elizabeth P
Great stuff
- Richard B
Excellent presentation, with clear and effective guidance.
- Laurie H. P
Basic stuff.
- edward k
Good basic primer on harassment with videos
- Michael D
Great content!
- Angela H
Real world-style Scenarios/Examples are the most important content for this subject
- Phillip L
Really liked the real world examples and structured examples, added a lot.
- Dylan S
Overall good video. Not as compelling as others I have watched through this venue.
- Dianna A
- James S
Excellent course.
- Jeffrey D
I liked the discussion of example situations
- Susan F
I continue to enjoy and learn from the video vignettes.
- Nyran R
Really liked the very clear style of presentation.
- Edward W
Interesting topic and timely. Addition of video was cool.
- Scot B
A concise and precise presentation - thank you!
- Elen Pass B
Very good videos and hypothetical cases.
- Devin B
Nice review of current status. Would have liked a deeper discussion about how to confront the offender and what the consequences are for him or her.
- Linda W
Great presentation and loved the vignettes!
- Charles S
Nice class.
- Melinda A
This was an excellent presentation. I am a male lawyer and learned a lot. I have several comments. First, I though the videos and examples were excellent. Second, what is an "NDA"? I probably should know, but it would help if we could be told what it stands for. Third, Title VII is a federal law, but the states apparently can modify it. Please explain why this is true. What is there about Title VII that allows states to modify it within that state?
- bruce J
The lecture was well presented.
- richard d
Clear, concise, and well-organized presentation. Learned a lot about this area of the law!
- Keith V
Great presentation.
- Edda S