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#MeToo, #TimesUp, and the Changing Legal Landscape

Presented by Shelia McAndrew

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Course Description

Length: 53min    Published: 4/29/2020    
Autumn of 2017 brought with it a wave of attention to successive allegations of workplace sexual harassment against powerful individuals in the public eye, even prompting Time Magazine to award its 2017 Person of the Year to “The Silence Breakers.” #MeToo and #TimesUp hashtags became pervasive and intense conversations ensued regarding what is and isn’t appropriate workplace behavior. This program will dive into how the employment law has measured up to the movement. Topics covered include: - Discrimination & harassment review - The new legislative landscape - The courts' response - Going forward: best practices in the new landscape
Learning Objectives
* The history or of #MeToo and #TimesUp
* Recognize and mitigate inappropriate law firm behavior
* Best practices on confronting discrimination and harassment
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Presented By:

Shelia McAndrew

New York, NY


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"A great deal of useful information in a relatively short time. The video scenarios helped to illustrate potential problems and solutions"

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"Thanks so much for this course. The use of examples and videos was incredibly effective and helped to relay the importance of thinking ahead and planning if faced with a situation like this. "

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