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Great course
- Harry L
Goody synopsis on how to protect new brews!
- George G
Very fascinating cover of IP law generally. Through the lens of brewery issues, but far more generally applicable. Definitely enjoyed.
- Adella W
Well Done!
- David B
- Alejandro R
After watching part 1 I needed to see part 2.
- Scott M
Excellent presentation.
- joe allen j
Great class
- Michael K
Great job!
- Stephen D
Was a good course of the novice. As a practicing trademark attorney, I was hoping for some extra insight not just everything I already know.
- Lisa S
Presenter is obviously enthusiastic and well-versed in this area of law.
- Mary T
A refreshing subject and instructor.
- Roger O
Great job explaining a subject I was unfamiliar.
- Kevin H
Very interesting
- Mike M
Interesting. Thanks
- Steven M
Really interesting area of law, presenter did a good job!
- Kristin L
Very informative.
- John B
Course was very informative.
- jimmy n
This was really good. I do not practice IP, but found this to be a very clear and concise summary of these areas presented in a way that I could understand it.
- Daniel M
Just pure awesomeness!
- Michael K
Very informative. Highly recommend.
- Deborah F
Love the brew law. Nice job.
- James D
Informative on trademarks and trade secrets.
- Harry J N
- Marci U
Very very helpful!
- Karen R