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Course Reviews: Will Bias Cost You Your Next Case?

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.53 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,333 Ratings
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I thought Mr. Wakenhull did an excellent job and made the presentation of bias with Forensic Examiners very interesting. He gave great examples, quotes and analysis. He is also very knowledgeable and humble, which is what he taught and I totally agree with his teachings.
- Charles W
Excellent material update. The speaker comes through clearly and professionally.
- Margarita P
Interesting topic and speaker; enjoyed his presentation
- Amy E
The speaker was very clear, and I like his energy.
- Kevin W
Really interesting, thoroughly enjoyable.
- Stephen S
This is a refreshing topic presented by a knowledgeable expert.
- Roger O
Interesting. Worth the watch.
- Geoffrey G
excellent speaker and interesting topic
- Maria T
Excellent lecture. Would liked to have access to power point (slide) presentation to be included in print out materials.
- david r
I appreciated Mr. Wakshull's unique perspective on the topic of bias. I have never heard a presentation on this topic given by someone who serves as a forensic expert and has to work with attorneys, clients, and judges, each of whom may have particular biases based on their roles in a case. It was very interesting. I will look up his writings on the Zodiac killer!
- Henry S
Speaker was very articulate and provided wealth of information
- R. S
I like that guy. timeless info.
- Daniel S
One of The best courses
- David R
Good program.
- Douglas P
Interesting. It covered some areas in which I have had cases and dealt with experts such as the speaker but have not seen a course like this before. His candidness about experts is appreciated. I may want to use him as an expert in one of our upcoming cases.
- Robert Z
Good "unusual" content
- Richard P
Excellent presentation with pertinent examples. Thank you!
- Sherida S
Heavily skewed toward bias in fingerprinting (the speakers world), but touches on other topics.
- Max V
I very much enjoyed this course. The speaker was very knowledgeable and the topic was interesting and informative.
- Audrey S
found the seminar quiet illuminating. very good presentation
- barton s
Important material presented in an easy to understand way. Only negative is that I could not view the slides in the video itself. Recommended course.
- Aaron J W
Technical problem at end. The video did not take me to the evaluation screen until I opened a second window of it.
- Michael M
Speaker pointed frequently to off-screen visuals that may or may not have been included in written materials. Was distracting and better editing to show the visuals the live audience saw would have enhanced the video experience.
- John S