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Bias in the Courtroom

Presented by Mike Wakshull & San Diego County Law Library

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Course Description

Length: 1h 1min    Published: 5/11/2018    
Bias is a human trait that exists in all people. Bias in the courtroom is a prevalent problem. The ability to recognize your biases and the biases of your opponent can save or lose your case. Black’s Law Dictionary, Tenth Edition identifies six types of bias in the courtroom. Not on the list of biases is “Expert Witness Bias.” As a legal professional, it is your responsibility to recognize whether your expert witness is succumbing to unconscious biases that will be exposed in deposition or trial. We all have biases. Learn how to recognize and overcome yours to help deliver a foolproof testimony. Examples of biases from real cases and personal experience are presented. After this seminar, you will: - Think differently about interpretation of evidence. - Effectively recognize and reduce your biases. - Know how to recognize and counter the biases of the opposition. - Determine whether your forensic examiner’s report is biased. - Recognize the effects of bias on forensic examiners’ opinions. - Make implicit biases work in your favor. - Learn how biases impact a juror’s perspective.
Learning Objectives
* Learn how to consider potential bias when interpreting evidence
* Understand how to recognize and reduce your biases
* Learn how to recognize and counter the biases of your opponent
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Presented By:

Mike Wakshull

Temecula, CA

(951) 252-4929

San Diego County Law Library

San Diego, California


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