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Course Reviews: Adam Walsh Act: Family-Based Immigration Petitions

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.57 out of 5 Stars Based on 5,004 Ratings
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Thank You, professor. MCM
- Marc M
Great lecturer. Very well organized presentation.
- Joyce R
This was a subject for which I knew nothing. Therefore all of it was very interesting to me.
- Richard B S
Easy to follow, smooth presentation even with very explicit examples.
- Luis M
great class
- Mark S
Great presentation. I learned a lot. Excellent Speaker.
- Ramon V
- William H
a difficult subject all too common in American family life today. Outside expertise and assistance are mandatory to get a true picuture of what has happened, is happening and what may happen, these critical questions which must be answered before judgments and conclusions are made in such super sensitive matters. An area if great importance and concern in today's world.
- Robert S
I didn't understand the particular circumstances of the Adam Walsh Act before taking the class. I don't currently have any situations to apply this information, but some of it was transferrable to situations I do have, at least somewhat. The presenter was solid and seemed committed and well informed.
- Eric S
Very crisp and relevant. Well done!
- Mark F
This was extremely informative!
- Alice M
Very competent presentation performed by an expert.
- David R W
- John E
Can be very useful in other areas of law
- steven s
Now inspired to explore mitigation, and how to counter biases (both judicial and institutional) in reunification cases.
- Elizabeth P
A good survey of the necessary strategies.
- David S
Well taught
- Diane M
Very good.
- Joy A
I am moved by this presentation - by the presenter's empathy and knnowledge of the subject matter.
- James T
Interesting topic and very well presented.
- Mary Ann E
This instructor and the content are excellent.
- Laurie H
Good information. Thanks
- Ted D
thank you
- Thomas B