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Representing Owners and Operators of Mobilehome Parks 101

Presented by Robert Coldren

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Course Description

Length: 1h 0min    Published: 4/16/2024    
This course provides attorneys with an overview of the legal landscape surrounding the representation of owners and operators of mobilehome parks. Mobilehome parks represent a unique sector within the real estate industry, subject to specific regulations and considerations that require specialized legal expertise. The course begins by exploring the foundational concepts of mobilehome park ownership and operation, including the rights and responsibilities of park owners and tenants. It delves into the relevant state and federal laws governing mobilehome parks, such as landlord-tenant laws, fair housing regulations, and mobilehome residency laws. Attendees will gain insights into the some of the intricacies of mobilehome park management, including lease agreements, rent control ordinances, maintenance obligations, and dispute resolution mechanisms. The course also addresses key issues related to park infrastructure, such as utilities, common areas, and amenities, and the legal implications thereof. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of the legal framework governing mobilehome parks and the skills necessary to provide effective representation to their clients in this specialized area of law.
Learning Objectives
* Understand the mobilehome park economic model
* Learn the key state and federal regulations governing mobilehome park ownership and operation
* Get valuable best practices for representing mobilehome park owners and operators
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Presented By:

Robert Coldren

Santa Ana, CA

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