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Course Reviews: Respect in the Workplace - The Legal Landscape of Harassment, Bias, & Discrimination in the Workplace - Part I

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 8,170 Ratings
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An outstanding presenter. Style and content were perfect. I felt like Mr. Greenblatt was just speaking to me. Well done.
- Stanley B
He was awesome!!
- Sarah P
useful stuff for an employer to know
- Steven S
Outstanding course.
- Lauren W
- Alissa A
Clear, easy to understand presentation, including relevant case law
- Jaime S
Just okay.
- Eric M
Really excellent!
- Frances L
This was a most engaging presentation. Thank you.
- Stefanie J
Interesting as well as educational. Looking forward to the next hour.
- Raymond S
A good, practical course with great reminders on how we should all act in professional settings.
- Frank L
Excellent! Best discussion of bias ever. Empathetic and instructive. Good case examples, great supportive quotations. Articulate and highly effective speaker. Looking forward to Part II.
- LaDonna W
Great presentation!
- Tiffany A
More of a polemical rant than a legal presentation. Greenblatt finds discrimination, whether or not afoul of the law, and would change life to one where opinions are carefully policed for subconscious bias. He even decries that CEOs of large corporations tend to be tall (maybe they stand out in a crowd). Perhaps "heightism" will become a new target for litigation.
- Russell M
Excellent material and the speaker was superb.
- Judith A
I have been engaged in mandatory CLE for 37 years. This has been the most effective and motivating one hour I have spent doing so. While he has not answered many questions I have had throughout my career, the learned presenter raised a number of very good ones which need to be addressed by the legal profession and all in the workplace.
- Anita F
This was very well done. He knows the law and offers some solid examples of how cases that may not ndicate extreme and overt discrimination my still be actionable.
- Barbara C
Presenter pretty much just read a prepared lecture. Very dull.
- Cheryl H
Great! Very insightful
- j D
excellent presentation, warm, intelligent, well explained
Great topic
- david S
Interesting concepts - while I may not agree I thought he did a very good job of presenting his materials.
- Jacalyn P
Best instructor so far. Great material.
- Melissa R
The presenters and lectures keep getting better and better and Mr. Greenblatt was compassionate and the presentation was excellent!
- Jana P
Excellent presentation!
- Alicia G