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Course Reviews: The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part II: Valuation Methods

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.48 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,678 Ratings
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Great for CFOs, CPAs, or acquisition attorneys, really don't se the benefit to most attorneys, since I am also a CPA really enjoyed this.
- Burl J
More numbers and excels than 1st video, so harder to focus than 1st (more crunching numbers and multiple ways of determining present values.
- Philip C
I now know why Business Valuation cost so much.
- Kimberly R
Is twas a very good cooooooourse
- Karen M
This man is great.
- Ryan C
A lot to take in and process but a thorough explanation of the subject. I appreciate the physical examples and analogies; they make the material understandable and help to retain the material. I will include this material in my desk reference because this issue occurs frequently when needing to estimate the value of small businesses that try to resolve tax delinquencies.
love this guy! would watch anything he teaches!
- Lisa P
This guy is good.
- George R
The instructor is exceptional and delivers excellent considerations of a complex topic. I work with business owners and wealthy individuals. The topic of valuations of assets is always part of the conversation. The quality of the valuation and the credentials of the valuation expert are critical. I would have every confidence to recommend this exceptional professional to value a client's asset(s). By the way, valuation fine art requires its own particular process.
- Marguerite R
The calculations themselves don't matter to lawyers. What the calculations mean matters to lawyers
- John T
Hands down, the best lecturer in your program
- Andre V
Fine presentation of tough area to cover.
- Don B
Too technical; looking to understand basic methods and theories, not extremely detailed and dense mathematical formulas
- Matt W
Remarkably clear and understandable presentation of difficult mathematically grounded subject.
- Bruce D. S
- Randolph Michael N
like a great professor
- samuel g
Instructor gets a bit long winded on math concepts, but knows his material.
- Matthew P
great job
- Richard S