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Course Reviews: Understanding Asset Protection Tools and Planning

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.77 out of 5 Stars Based on 24,249 Ratings
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Instructor was great. Really informative and a clear, cogent speaker.
- Shara M
Very educational. Explained clearly the letter of the intermingling international tax, exemption, debtor, general liability and trust law - but above my clients' pay grade.
- Linda K
- Taylor M
Honestly the best CLE I’ve completed with LexVid. Interesting, informative, clear and concise.
- Karla C
Very solid and clear presentation!
- David F
Great presenter. Spoke clearly, gave a well structured talk that was easily trackable. Very interesting subject matter.
- eric m
- Stephen B
well done; the presenter was knowledgeable , prepared and effective in reducing the concepts of asset projection in an hour; again one of the better cle's.
- Robert Karl H
Awesome presentation and very informational!
- George K
great class!
- Nicholas S
Very well done, thank you.
- Margaret C
I learned so much. I was taking it to check the box and am so glad I did!
- Eartha J
Good course.
- Daniel K
Excellent presentation. Made some complex topics understandable
- Bruce G
Really enjoyed this as I have so many clients working to protect tbeir assets. Extremely informative and applicable! Thank you!
- susan k
Very thorough and very informative. A great way to get your feet wet.
- Dale W
I liked the instructor.
- Megan M
Perfect review!
- Michael A
Clear but detailed.
- Michael M
I found speaker Douglas Lodmell outstanding. He opened up my concepts of Asset Protections & Trusts, with the Hybrid he created with the foundation created by his father. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I want to thank you & him for making this course available. I learned a lot!
- Charles W
Very interesting topic - thank you!
- Cory D
Smart guy very interesting and useful
- Lisa R
Excellent program!
- Maxine B
Good presentation. Instructor made a potentially boring subject interesting! Good, practical information with excellent use of case law and potential outcomes of various approaches to asset protection.
- Helen M
The best presentation I've seen on LexVid so far.
- Charles C