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Course Reviews: U (Non-Immigrant) Visa Petitions: Psychosocial Evaluations

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.63 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,817 Ratings
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Excellent CLE. This speaker is outstanding with a wealth of knowledge. His empathy for his clients is evident. Thank you.
- Stephanie B
Interesting as well as informative!
- Mary L
I learned one thing I did not know which made it extremely valuable.
- Sanjuanita G
This was a very informative and thorough presentation! Very helpful in the breakdown of abuse and mental issues resulting.
- Harleen W
Mr. Silver never disappoimts in his presentations.
- Carina L
Technical Issue: audio was a bit broken up at times.
- Mary V
Creative approach to the English language.
- Julian R
listening to Mr. Silver speak is therapy in and of itself. Wonderful voice. Oh, and I was enthralled with the presentation of this subject matter
- Lizabeth R
Very informative!
- Victoria V
Much better than expected given the topic, with practical application beyond the subject matter. I really enjoyed listening to the presenter.
- Carol R
informative course on an esoteric subject. very well done.
- barbara e
Exceptional program! I have wanted to do pro bono work in this area and feel much better informed about how to develop my clients' claims of harm.
- Carol R
- angelica a
The instructor was exceptionally well organized and presented the material very clearly. Informative and relevant program.
- Paul R
Very articulate speaker. Presented a great deal of information in an interesting way.
- Jan H
Highly informative. Thank you.
- Richard S