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Course Reviews: Title IX - Overview & Key Cases

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.51 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,492 Ratings
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Good materials and presentation.
- Jon M
Very Good.
- Eileen P M
loved comparison between title 9 and title7
- Jennifer B
Excellent lecture. She really understands this area of the law. Nice delivery.
- Christa R
Useful overview.
- John B
She did an excellent job. She's a good presenter. Jim V.
- James V
Difficult for those if lack extensive background in area
- Bonnie S
This is really my first introduction to Title IX. Very useful.
- James D
The presenter is clearly quite knowledgeable. Reminds me why it is never a great idea to practice outside one's areas of specialization. My only regret is there were no slides synched to the presentation, as I tend to like to read along. Thanks.
- Brian F
A huge amount of info!
- Julie S
This was a great insight into Title IX litigation. I would love to see this instructor provide a longer course with more detailed analysis of the cases.
- Margaret H
She is very knowledgeable and it would be nice if this course could be 1.5 hrs or even 2. Refreshing to hear her talk about protecting rights vs. what goes on in certain/many? probate courts where there is denial of due process, civil rights, constitutional rights and a conservatee is treated way worse with fewer rights than a prisoner in jail.....
- Jeannie T
Great course covering the nuances of Title IX and its interplay with Titles VII.
- Terraine B
Truly an informative overview!
- Amy B
Knowledgeable presenter.
- Shawn K
Interesting area of the law
- Stacey K
Nice course
- Russell N
great written materials
- Angela M
Interesting primer on a subject I knew relatively little about.
- Mark K
Presentation was somewhat rapid-fire, presuming a lot of background knowledge on the part of viewers.
- Molly B
very interesting and helpful
- Kevin D
good info from an expert practitioner
- David R
Audibility very good; presentation could have been smoother.
- Donn D
Helpful and informative
- Barry G
- Russell L