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Course Reviews: The West Memphis Three

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.57 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,975 Ratings
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A gripping story of wrongful convictions, exposing the dangers of prejudicial press, jury misconduct, "hammer" confessions, etc. A great compliment to attorneys who are not only skilled trial attorneys, but also highly qualified appellate counsel.
- Robert W. H
Good representation
- Abdul G
This was mind blowing! It makes one think about the ethics of the gov't attorneys - even to the end, I can't imagine how it would feel to force an innocent person who'd spent 17 years in jail to take an Alford plea in order to avoid a lawsuit - those men were owed! Holding additional years of incarceration over a person's head when s/he was clearly wrongfully convicted is bad business. Great and compelling presentation.
- Lauren W
Fascinating account of the legal developments in The Memphis Three case.
- Margarita P
- Margaret Valerie S
This was one of THE BEST CLE courses I've ever seen. The story itself - innocence prevailing over injustice, intolerance and ignorance - is riveting and compelling. The defense attorneys' legal strategies were ingenious; pitted against Arkansas' biased, incompetent and malevolent legal system, they overcame impossible odds to free their client (and the other two young men unjustly convicted). The manner in which the two defense attorneys narrate the case history is brilliant; they tell an amazing story while simultaneously revealing legal strategies which are invaluable to all defense attorneys...and, hopefully, instructive to government attorneys, law enforcement and legal systems which must comprehend that the justice system must ALWAYS be, first and foremost, about JUSTICE.
- Michael W
Program was superb.
- Judith A
This was the best presentation I've seen. It was fadcinating!
- Barbara C
- Kathleen R
Such an intriguing case, Thank you for sharing the information! I am now further researching the Memphis Three because of your presentation.
- Lindsay G
Very interesting presentation of complex issues in a very important case.
- Charles P
Extremely educational, and so well presented.
- Rennie R
One of the most interesting CLEs on the site.
- Judith N
- Jonathan T
Best one yet
- Michael N
This was probably the most interesting CLE lecture I have ever listened to. This was a fascinating and a disturbing case. Wow.
- Susan P
My comments to the written materials are reflective of the fact that I neither had, nor reviewed, those materials - there should really be a N/A option for those questions.
- Amy D
Very interesting. Sure admire those lawyers.
- Jerry E
Great course!
- Bradley K
Incredible course. Mesmerizing story, and I just cannot say enough in praise of these two lawyers for taking this case on and seeing it through. Mr. Riordan's concluding statement about - this is why we become lawyers, for a case like this.. Painters paint and lawyers handle cases. Also, I have been taught by a couple of real heroes. Yes, heroes. They are Lions of the profession who make us all proud.
- mark w
Gripping!! Mesmerizing!!! Great presentation! Kudos to the two of you!
- Cheryl W
Awesome So interesting!!!!
- Patrice T
Extremely interesting and inspiring narrative of the legal battle to free a wrongfully convicted client on death row. Best MCLE presentation I have seen in a long while. I highly recommend this program to others.
- Sherri K
Very interesting.
- Vera S