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Course Reviews: The Future of Cannabis in California: A Post Prop 64 Review

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.67 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,359 Ratings
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Excellent course
- Kenneth P
The presenter was excellant but the program is out of date as it does not reflect the latest in California cannabis law specifically a statute revising the entire system that took effect i late 2017. It is a shame as I am sure she could do a wonderful job if she were to udate her presentation
- David C
Great presentation!
- Vera N
well done!
- Kristin B
I love her and this course, I actually felt like I learned a ton and it was interesting.
- Katherine C
Excellent content
- john h
Really great in all respects
- Charles L
Great. Probably the best CLE thus far
- Gabriel d
Excellent presenter and timely topic!
- James A
Excellent overview by a very engaging speaker.
- James J
Great....really current information
- Nancy M
Very informative. Smooth delivery.
- Richard H
An interesting speaker with a lot of enthusiasm.
- Diana L
very useful material and knowledgeable instructor. Only criticism was audio buzzing in places
- Kathy L
- Ricardo P
Very knowledgeable presenter!
- Martha C
Great course. Instructor was on top of it.
- Michael S
The speaker highlighted many complexities in the practice involving marijuana. The time was too short to cover all the material adequately, but she gave a good preview of what there is to know and find out.
- Shirley S
Too short.
- Michael H
great speaker. engaging.
- Valerie K
Excellent! The presenter mentioned at the end that she recently had done a four-hour seminar and even then ran short of time. I'd very much like to see many more hours from this presenter on this topic and topics related to it!
- Jim H
Great speaker.
- Christa R
Would have liked to have a download of the outline or the slides that she was referring to in the presentation.
- Kendall K
Timely, thorough presentation; sharp, seasoned presenter
- Erin O
It would have been helpful to have a PDF of the slides. Otherwise, great course!
- Allison S