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Course Reviews: 2014 Supreme Court Roundup

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.30 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,647 Ratings
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Very well organized and informative course.
- Stephen G
He did an excellent job of giving the nuts and bolts of the cases. I will look for more of his. Jim V.
- James V
Good review of Cases. E
- Eric S
Mr. Fitzpatrick is an outstanding lecturer.
- barbara e
Excellent program. The program covered a great deal of information in a short period of time but was clear and concise.
extremely thorough
- jane w
too much information for a one hour presentation.
- kelly j
Would like a little more detail in the outline.
- Amanda E
Very interesting, would like to have another course on the same topic for a further expanding of past year Supreme Court cases.
- Robert L
Excellent and informative presentation .
- Barry B
- Scott D
The written materials should contain very short statements of the holdings of the cases discussed. It could also contain similar information about cases that were significant but not discussed.
- Hugh B
Great topic and program!
- Keshet S
The speaker was clearly knowledgeable and informed, and explained the impact of each decision clearly and succinctly. There was so much information in this class it could have been two! That's honestly my only complaint! Excellent class!!
- Elizabeth A
Good summaries and thank you for covering some of of the lesser-publicized cases. However, for those of us not employment lawyers there was a bit too much emphasis on that topic.
- Howard D
Very Good.
- /John/ /