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Course Reviews: Sports Law: An Overview

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.63 out of 5 Stars Based on 9,764 Ratings
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This is an area that has always interested me, but there is very little out there on sports law. This presentation made me aware of some of the various areas of sports law that I have never considered, or known 0f.
- Robert H
Interesting overview
- philip b
Very interesting, nice presentation.
- Elise P
This was a great and really informative look at this topic--instructor has great energy and is an outstanding presenter!
- Laurie H
Excellent overview of Sports Law.
- John E
Charming, engaging and very smart presentation.
- Mary Beth L
Very informative overview.
- Raymond S
I found the subject matter quite informative, but there was a problem with two to three second pauses throughout the video playback.
- Kathy S
Excellent intro for someone who doesn't know anything about sports law. Instructor clearly loves the field.
- Katharine B
Extremely informative presentation on a topic that I was not familiar with.
- Martha C
This was a very interesting cpa, I highly recommend it.
- Jan B
Excellent course!
- Shana D
Excellent presentation
- Debra H
Cool topic. Well done.
- Roger O
Excellent speaker & presentation.
- Donald C
Great presentation! This is a clear and well organized presentation on how to represent sports or sport related clients and the concerns that need to be addressed.
- Rachel R
Great presenter who is passionate about his area of practice.
- Albert M
Informative and interesting.
- John B
Very well presented-with energy and enthusiasm.
- donald k
Interesting overview
- Steven S
interesting, even though its not my field. Thanks
- Steven M
very good course. He covered a lot more material than I expected. I thought it would be limited to negotiating contracts for athletes, but it also included workers comp issues, morality clauses, personal issues with athlete clients. Very wide ranging
- mark w
Wow!!! This Guy knows his stuff!! It opens a whole new world (practice) for me. I will be contacting him for sure!! I hope he is accessible.
- Angel D
Very well done at a high level of information
- Robert B
This was an enjoyable CLE!
- Jeff H