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Course Reviews: The Future of Special Needs Trusts Under the ACA

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.54 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,324 Ratings
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Excellent presentation! Great slides!
- Gregory D
Complicated area of law that might have been better presented over 2 hours instead of 1.
- R. Brian G
Great program. Learned a lot of good information.
- Rebecca V
This course should be mandated in all law schools. It is very informative and interesting. lfg
- Luis F G
This course is woefully out of date. It needs to be brought current. In addition, there is the problem of a MI practitioner lecturing a CA practitioner. I don't think the problem is the instructor, I think the problem is LexVid. Catch up.
- Jeanne K
Covered a lot of ground in a clear concise manner--Very well done.
- dan a
Excellent explanation of special needs trusts.
- Jerry T
very knowledgeable speaker Took both of her seminars.
- robert s
Knowledgeable legal presentation. Bob D.
- Robert D
Ms. Dudek is a brilliant presenter on this subject of SNT and the impact of ACA. Ms. Dudek definitely demonstrates a wide and highly competent range of knowledge, well articulated, on a particularly complex course. Thank you, Ms. Dudek, for your excellent presentation, especially given the scope of the subject and the limitation on time to present it / describe it / introduce it.
Excellent presentation and knowledge of material! Speaker does speak fast but holds your attention and is interested enough in the material to not blow you away!
- Monica S
Good solid overview, articulated well with excellent source material provided. Thank you.
- Adriana Q
Excellent presentation by someone with passion for her field who not only knows her stuff, but clearly is an advocate for disabled persons and the people who provide for them.
- Linda S
An Outstanding Presentation
- George N
excellent -- should be updated
- Donald W
Very interesting! Great class.
- Goldie L
This was a good course however it is from 2014 and there have been significant issues with special needs trusts which should be addressed. this course probably should be updated to reflect recent changes and problems which we have encountered with special needs trust and the medicaid application process.
- Roshni P
Good information. Convenient format.
- Lisa L
Very informative presentation.
- Shawn K
Speaker was very informative.
- Goldie S
She was terrific
- sandy h
This was a really excellent presentation of SNT basics coupled with novel suggestions. I especially liked the insights about the ACA.
- Richard F
Excellent, but because of the rapidly changing law and the volume of matter to be covered, she should be asked to present a current two hour course.
- Bruce D. S
Absolutely held my interest and gave me much needed information on alternatives for Special Needs Trusts.
- Diane W R
Extremely informative CLE.
- MaryAnn M