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Course Reviews: Shackled to Our Screens: How Technology Has Imprisoned the Legal Profession

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The attorney who talked me into going to law school warned me about technology. He told me when documents came by mail, he had time to research the issues, think of the legal ramifications of the legal options and time to draft the response, put it down for a few hours or a day, review again to see if it felt right still. He said the introduction of fax machine was destroying the quality in practice of law and the enjoyment he had in his practice. The fax comes and a call within a few hours or first thing the next morning “Did you get my fax, where are we on this matter?” I have often thought about what Bill would say today. Lots of memories and hit some issues for me. Your presentation was greatly appreciated and hit home on many levels. I will try implementing the 5 strategies for reducing my screen issues. Thank you.
- Patricia C
An excellent presentation. Makes me very thoughtful. Confirms my practice of staying off of social media as much as possible despite friend's and family's complaints that I am without my phone too much. I do spend way too much on line.
- Ronald C
Nice intelligent woman lawyer.
- Jeffrey S
I admire the honesty and integrity of the presenter. Superb.
- Richard Z
Really good info that everyone should share with their kids.
- Patrick H
Enjoyed both parts and learned a lot. A lot of food for thought about screen time. And agree 100% about people ignoring the person in front of them to answer a call or text.
- Corlis C
Useful, informative and captivating. Great content.
- Petrina J
Lots of respect for her willingness to self-examine some difficult subjects for our benefit.
- Harry T
Appreciate the presenter's honesty.
- Roshna K
- Stephen C
Surprised to find out how much of this applied to me. Good reminder to unplug every once in awhile.
- Scott G
Excellent presentation overall. Thank you for sharing your personal life experiences with your fellow attorneys!
- Donna K
Great presentation and I really appreciate her candor.
- Georgette R
Terrific and passionate presentation, kept me interested the entire time.
- Peter B
Excellent presenter!
- Kari H
Excellent course
- Amy W
Great course!
- Linder W
The presenter is very sincere, which is nice
- Daniel G
Very true in this dat & age. Thank you.
- James P
The instructor was not only, clear, effective and knowledgeable, but she did seem passionate about the subject matter that is extremely important to all attorneys and other professionals. It was a great course and I would highly recommend.
- Jose S
- Kevin A
Most of this information is not known but is valuable to be aware of for all people.
- Samuel G
Very informative presentation & will aim to get away from my phone more often after watching this!
- Adam M
very good presentation.
- Dana Todd I
This was an eye-opening and mind-blowing presentation! Key stats underscoring this point: - 66% of the world shows signs of nomophobia (fear of being without a phone). - 71% sleep with or near their phones. - 45% of people in the US would *rather give up sex for a year than their phones*.! - Smartphone users check their phones 12 times every 12 minutes, spend 71-90 hours/week staring at screens, and receive 200 emails/day. • The impact of device dependence is similar to substance abuse: Withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, anger, and difficulty concentrating are common among those trying to limit their device use. This parallels the symptoms of substance use disorders. • We are constantly bombarded with distractions: As stated above, the average smartphone user checks their phone 12 times every 12 minutes, spends 71-90 hours a week staring at screens, and receives 200 emails a day. This constant interruption negatively impacts our ability to focus, be present, and connect with others. • The pandemic has significantly impacted the mental health of lawyers and legal professionals. Studies have shown that the prevalence rates for depression and anxiety doubled in 2021 compared to 2016, and 80% of law students reported struggling with trauma. • Increased screen time during the pandemic has exacerbated existing mental health issues and contributed to new ones. Constant notifications, multitasking, and the inability to focus are taking a toll on the profession. • Lawyers Assistance Programs (LAPs) are confidential resources available to lawyers, judges, law students, and their family members. These programs offer a variety of support services, including free and confidential assessments, intervention assistance, peer support groups, and recovery meetings. • Early intervention is crucial for addressing mental health and substance use issues. LAPs encourage people to reach out for help as soon as they notice concerning signs in themselves or someone they know. • The legal profession already had high prevalence rates of mental health and substance use challenges before the pandemic. The pandemic has further intensified these issues, highlighting the need for increased awareness and support for lawyers and legal professionals. Again, this is pretty raw information - but useful and insightful! Thank you.
- Christopher H