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Course Reviews: Section 230 - The First Amendment of the Internet

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.70 out of 5 Stars Based on 14,691 Ratings
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NIce job, on a very interesting (and timely) topic.
- David F
Great speaker, easy to follow
- eric m
Great video
- Stephen B
I am involved in a media business and this material was extremely helpful. I could never understand the freedom given to content providers on the Internet, but I have a better understanding thanks to this course.
- David D
It took me a while to loccate the written materials. consider having thee presenter mention where to find them on the screen.
- vicky a
Presenter was very knowledgeable and hit all the really important points about the topic. It was a teensy bit dry, and spending a bit more time on some interesting case examples could have helped that. Overall good CLE.
- Erikka H
another excellent presentation from lex- vid; this year's offering are far better ; well prepared; informed and intellectually serious; not all are of this level; I find myself actually paying attention;
- Robert Karl H
Well done. I appreciated the depth of knowledge about the history of the law and its development over time.
- James L
A lot of information!
- Robert M
Outstanding program. Didn't know much about section 230 before this program, and learned a lot. One of the best -- if not THE best -- online CLE courses I have taken.
- David H
- Daniel S
Great program. Topical and informative.
- Lynn Marie M
First class in every way
- Thomas W
- Andrew R
Interesting, well-paced presentation on a statute that has been in the news lately. Of particular interest was the discussion of what the statute protects as well as what it does not protect. Presenter knew the subject thoroughly and advanced through the material at a good pace. Visual aids were helpful and enhanced the presentation.
- William H
Informative and timely.
- Bet M
Mr. Waters presentaion was excellent.
- Rubin L
Great and helpful content . The instructor was amazing and easy to follow
- Lillian H
Excellent treatment.
- Daniel B
Great program !
- Nancy B
Presented information was comprehensive and extensive.
- Sherry B
- Stephen H
Great course. The presenter's manner was pleasant and appropriate. The content was very useful and complete.
- Donna K
Outstanding... informative.
- Leonard R
- Mike M