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Course Reviews: Reviewing Distribution Agreements for Craft Brewers

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.66 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,755 Ratings
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I enjoyed this presentation - very clear, to the point, and easy to follow.
- Sabrina M
Thank you! New topic so it was a great overview.
- Paul M
Grat course and it applies to other distribution agreements as well
- Guillermo F
- Brent W
Thank you. Very well presented.
- Mary N
Presenter was obviously highly experienced in this legal niche and shared perspectives that would help in any situation involving complex contractual considerations. Thanks.
- Robin L
This was an excellent short course on the topic. At least I now know enough to issue-spot in a general sense. The subject matter is also very interesting.
- Renee P
Thank you for some helpful contract drafting strategies!
- Kyle W
As one who is just beginning to get into the practice of dealing with the beer industry, this course is most worthwhile.
- Joel S
Does the job for introducing lawyers to this area of specialized law.
- Mark K
Hey, This is a very good short presentation on the basics of distribution agreements. Practical - No fluff. I really enjoyed it.
- Stephen C
Very interesting talk. I had no idea distribution agreements for craft brewers was a thing. Great suggestions that could well apply to other scenarios as well.
- Elizabeth E
Well crafted!
- Patricia G
This is a video I want to share with a colleague from law school who is very interested in craft brewers. I only wish she would provide some citations to important cases and California law!
- David B
Not something I will probably need this late in my career.
- Eliseo G
Interesting point of view.
- Nick V
Thorough review, well presente,
- Alexander C
Good presenter.
- Thomas T
Candace Moon really knows her topic, and her presentation keeps you interested.
- Daniel H
Very informative. Well done!
- Carl M
Good content for anyone with craft brew clients in a border state with another state with different views on craft brewing.
wish it was Florida focused
- Jennifer B
A direct and good presentation on an interesting area of law. Enjoyed her work.
- Edwin B
Lots of good information for contracting in general.
- John I
Interesting subject. Presenter was invested in material
- Helen L