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Course Reviews: Preventing Your Worst "Tech" Nightmare: Protecting Your Firm and Clients from Cybercriminals - The Right Way

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.58 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,743 Ratings
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I learned something about attacks other than merely virus attacks.
- Janet G
A must view for all lawyers.
- Robert K
- Glenn V
Very helpful & practical information offered that I will be looking into. Only issue I had was with the leadership piece of this--I really didn't see how it fit in.
- Mary L
This was an excellent course. The speakers were competent and very informative.
- cecil f
The cross-discipline approach, leadership consulting + infused BMPs, is very effective and interesting. I learned a lot.
- John S
Very pertinent.
- Zoy B
I dont think i really learned anything new but it did reinforce a few things from prior training and experience.
- Brian D
The course reminds you every day that you have to be aware and vigilant, and it is true that a one-man firm can be the victim of a cyber-attack. It has happened to me in the past several years.
- Richard G
- Walter B