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well done1
- Andrew A
The proof of claim example at the beginning of the presentation is very blurry and difficult to see. It is clear in the files of the class material, just not on the slide actually viewed in the presentation. Other than that, good presentation.
- Erikka H
- Michael W
he's good
- shoshana s
Excellent presentation.
- c b w
Very informative.
- michael d
Marvelous style
- Kevin A
Excellent program. I gave a 3 on technical presentation only because the POC forms in the initial slides were out of focus.
- Margaret G
Informative and entertaining
- Robert K
The first few slides could not be read. Other than that, OK.
- Elizabeth H
This presenter is excellent and an asset to LexVid’s offerings.
- Anne M
wonderful to see and hear someone who is so into his practice area! One of the best I've seen on lexvid.
- Stephen C
Excellent presentation
- Jonathan G
Phenomenal presentation! Excellent information!
- Vincent M
Very knowledgeable presenter. Very useful material. One small gripe: the claims forms at the beginning were unreadable. His son's photo of a cup of coffee was superb.
- John E
Interesting but not relevant to my law practice.
- Andrea M
This is one of the best courses I have taken in many years of law practice. Very well organized and explained.
- James S
Good information received. Excellent speaker.
- Jackie G
What a nice guy!
- Amelia M
Excellent presentation.
No complaints
- Lee T
Concise and interesting discussion of all things proof of claim.
- Mark H